Reasons to outsource your Performance and Load testing projects

Here are some reasons to outsource your company’s performance and load testing projects.


Have you ever read a job description for a performance engineer??

I endorse those companies who have created a permanent role or even dedicated an entire department to performance engineering. However, have you ever read one of these job descriptions? Let’s see…Create, Design, Execute, Profile, Analyze, Interpret, Execute, Mine, Measure, Monitor, Predict, Model, Mentor, Plan, Deploy, Define, Report, Solve, Alleviate, Tune, etc. That’s a Tall order! Would you like fries with that order?! It’s no wonder performance engineers are in High demand and Low supply.



Overburdened worker wearing too many hats and someone is adding one more. Isolated on white.



Here are some reasons to Outsource your web/mobile/IOT load testing projects:


Budgets and Project Allocations

Investment into the performance tools and infrastructure can be costly. If your company doesn’t want the long term investment of purchasing a mature performance testing tool nor has currently has the skillset, then outsourcing is always a good option. Expert performance engineers can assess your applications’ requirements and align the right tool. For short term projects (under a year for example) there is always the option to rent the chosen tool or use a SaaS model.


Preparation and Efficiency

Typically, when a performance project is undertaken, there is a lot of red tape to cut through. Building out the dedicated environments, getting the right accesses in place, installations of software…and all the nuances of a new IT endeavor. When a specific part performance engineering project is outsourced, time becomes money. It’s amazing how everything becomes expedited more quickly. The internal politics and dragging of feet are overcome to reach a speedier “ready” state for productive performance testing.


Building a Solid Performance Test Harness

Performance testing is not or should not be done by “anyone who know a load testing tool.” There are methodical practices which need to be followed in order to build an accurate and realistic performance testing harness. It is worth the investment to outsource the initial startup of the project to seasoned experts. Include time to mentor your existing engineers so that have a firm understanding of performance engineering.


Data Driven Results

Outsourcing your load testing projects is a reliable way to get data driven results. Not that internal results are not data driven, but outsourced results are not tied to any emotion. These professionals will deliver the “good” or “bad” news with hard facts and numbers. It’s good to have these raw results before anyone goes in and tries to identify or fix the issues/bottlenecks. This is key for performance engineering, you are always comparing “before” and “after” results due to changes in the environment and the water can get muddied with chaos of proving and disproving theories. Have the load testing outsourced gives a “third eye” to analysis and just presents the facts.


In summary – you decide!

When evaluating your Performance engineering plan, you might want to consider outsourcing the load testing – as you can see, there are still plenty of other responsibilities in conjunction with performance engineering to go around. Again, and I can’t emphasize this point enough, it’s not the tool which produces accurate load testing results – it’s the performance engineers’ skills.

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