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Analyzing Performance Tests is a Human (and not a Tool) Process

   By Rebecca Clinard   Tools can generate load, collect and report on metrics, graph and correlate results, generate reports. However, it takes an analytical mind to understand and interpret this data. There are tools which can help with pattern recognition or categorize data based on standard deviations, but it takes an analytical mind to determine

Performance Engineering Versus Performance Reporting: Using Absolute and Relative Data

What Type of Data is Required?     By Rebecca Clinard       Performance Reporting quantifies the scalability of an application. These reports are deliverables to all of the web or mobile application’s stakeholders. Reporting uses relative data such as averages and percentiles to determine whether SLA’s are met. These SLA’s are agreements defining the acceptance

Performance Testing Rookie Mistakes

Admit it, we’ve all made these mistakes…    By Rebecca Clinard   Did you take the environment down? Who me? We Assumed that http status code of 200 meant a successful transaction and didn’t bother to place that assertion for Validation.   We used milliseconds or no Think Times for pauses and inadvertently executed a totally unrealistic