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Reasons to outsource your Performance and Load testing projects

Here are some reasons to outsource your company’s performance and load testing projects.   Have you ever read a job description for a performance engineer?? I endorse those companies who have created a permanent role or even dedicated an entire department to performance engineering. However, have you ever read one of these job descriptions? Let’s

Functional QA Testers Becoming Performance Engineers

A great article by Joe Colantonio, the founder of Test Talks! http://techbeacon.com/never-say-die-how-qa-engineers-can-become-performance-testers     QA’s evolution 1 day ago Never say die: How QA engineers can become performance testers Good QA engineers never die—they just expand their roles. For years I’ve been hearing about how QA engineer careers are dying and being replaced by jack-of-all-trade developers working in

Cloud Deployments: Why Performance Testing your application is Required for Efficient UP and OUT Scalability

Rebecca Clinard   Cloud Deployments: Why Performance Testing your application is Required for Efficient UP and OUT Scalability   The cloud tries to meet applications’ scalability needs by using the UP and OUT approach – more powerful VM’s and redundancy. This on demand elasticity masks root causes which limit scalability while at the same time

Creating a Performance Engineering Professional Services Statement of Work

By Rebecca Clinard   Creating a Performance Engineering Statement of Work is a very complex process. I hope this blog makes it easier to really dig deep/ask the right questions to assess both the application and business requirements. One of the largest variables in a SOW is time – how much time will it take

Performance Engineering Education Series3: Creating Load Scripts

Performance Engineering Education Series3: Creating Load Scripts  Create automated load scripts which represent realistic users. Transaction flows, recording, API calls.    

Performance Engineering Education Basics: Series2

  Gathering Requirements Familiarize yourself with web or mobile application features, meet business owners to gather load requirements, establish geographical load distribution, define SLA’s.    

Performance Engineering Education Basics: Series1

Introducing tool-agnostic videos about Performance Engineering – Core Concepts and Methodologies.       By Rebecca Clinard    

Becky’s Guide To Successful Co-Parenting

  By Rebecca Clinard Why did I write this blog about successful Co-parenting?   As I sat down on Sunday afternoon to create my next technical performance engineering blog, I realized something very important which changed tonight’s writing direction. My ex-husband had just picked up the kids. This wasn’t his scheduled night to have them

What I’ve learned (so far) from being the Web and Mobile Performance/Load Testing Lead for a Professional services company …


Performance Engineering: Prove Your KPI’s Worth

                     By Rebecca Clinard   Analyzing performance test results is where the REAL fun begins. It’s also the most challenging phase and where I see an opportunity to help mentor and broaden these needed analytical skills within the performance engineering industry. Remember my prior post:  Analyzing is

Performance Engineering: The Hunt for KPI’s

   By Rebecca Clinard   Key Performance Indicators are essentially the Gold mines of information for understanding where bottlenecks are occurring within your application’s deployment. KPI’s illustrate a performance story by filling in resource usage details. You will want to have measurable KPI’s embedded throughout the entire deployment, end to end.   KPI’s are measurable counters

How to Spot a Fantastic Performance Engineer: Hint, Look for These Soft Qualities

 By Rebecca Clinard   Performance engineers can be your very best investment since a vast majority of today’s companies’ productivity and profits depend directly on the performance of web or mobile applications. These performance engineers will become intimate with your applications so do what you can to attract and keep these assets – they are in