At PerformanceWisdom, our team of highly trained professional performance engineers are ready to deliver your application load testing projects.

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                                     Load test your web and mobile applications. Scale to your peak load.



Because it's not the load tool which creates and delivers a valuable performance test harness, it's the skillset. At PerformanceWisdom, We've got the right skillset. 

Technologies we support:            Load Tools:


Web/Mobile                                NeoLoad

HTTP/s                                          OctoPerf

HTTP/2                                         BlazeMeter

HTML5                                          LoadRunner

Video                                              StormRunner

Web 2.0                                         TruClient

API                                                   JMeter

Restful                                            WebLoad

Webservices                                  Soasta






...and many more! See our Services offered.

Statement of Work 


Start with reviewing these detailed Questions. We also can scope the project during a meeting.

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Project Pricing is based on:


Load tool selected

Duration of Project

Number of Load scripts

Complexity of Load scripts

Highest Peak Load of Virtual Users

Number of Test Executions

Analysis and Reporting/Presentation



TECHNOLOGIES including: HTTP/s, HTML5, Video, Web 2.0, API, Restful, Webservices, Websocket, Streaming, Ajax, IOT, Mobile, and many more!

At PerformanceWisdom ... 


We retain leading performance engineering industry experts.  


We take a tool agnostic approach and select the right software tool based on the application and project requirements.  


We offer remote performance and load testing services for web and mobile applications. 


We conduct a complete vetting process to make sure we only take on projects which we can be successful. 


We create and implement realistic performance test harnesses which deliver Value and Actionable insights to our clients. 


 We analyze performance test results and create clear and easily digestable reports - from the C level to developers.


Our mission is to deliver load testing professional services using methodical performance engineering best practices. We will create a realistic performance harness which accurately mimics the anticipated workloads in user sessions and transaction flows. Our expert analysis skills will clearly isolate the current capacity of the application's deployment as well as isolate scalability issues. We work with your team and keep in communications throughout all phases of each load testing project. 


You can TRUST PerformanceWisdom to Deliver Valuable and Actionable Results from your Load Testing Projects. We can load test in either production or a staged environment. We can also generate the load from the external cloud or within your network. You choose!