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Our Performance Engineering courses are base on all real world experience. Years of experience within this niche industry. These courses are designed for easy learning to reach that Next level - Expert Analysis Skills. 

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The Data Science Behind Analyzing Performance Test Results: Tool Agnostic (47 minute video course) Course: $29.00


DESCRIPTION: Learn THINK like A Seasoned Performance Engineer. We either learn from Mentors or Mistakes. This EASY course will make you Very valuable!


Here we tackle and simplify the toughest challenge of performance engineering: Analysis of the data derived from load tests. Trust me, You want these analytical skills. They are the MOST important and HIGHLY sought after. Learn how to analyze the sea of collected data to understand the application’s scalability limitations. Isolate Bottlenecks. Deep Dive. Made Easy. 

How to Spot a Fantastic Performance Engineer: The qualities You want.  Register for Free!

Hint: It's not the technical skills, it's the Soft skills!

How to Create a Rock Solid Performance

Test Harness: Tool Agnostic Course $10.00

A Basic video class in setting up a realistic performance test harness. Ground UP approach. 

More Courses Being Released Soon! 


STAY CURIOUS! Bring your performance engineering career to EXPERT level. Guaranteed.