Become a WISE Performance Engineer - in Under an Hour. A load tool agnostic course. Web/Mobile/IoT


Target Audience: Mid Level Performance Engineers, Directors of Performance Engineering, CTO's, QA engineers, Performance Leads. 


Analysis Course: $14.99  

Very  Limited time only!


This course will teach you the performance engineering analyses skills to tackle any performance or load testing project and THINK like a seasoned performance engineer.


Unacceptable transaction response times during a user experience on web, mobile, or IoT application equals loss of revenue, impacts branding, and affects productivity. Performance engineers realistically load test an application and analyze the results to determine the current capacity and isolate bottlenecks limiting scalability. There is another course on this site for setting up a rock solid performance harness. This course is to teach you to execute the right load tests, instrument the relevant monitoring and properly analyze the results. These methodical processes has been made very easy within this course.  


BE THE HERO and uncover the scalability limitations of any web/mobile/IoT application. Skyrocket your career. An application's success is directly related to the response time of transactions, the throughput and the number of users it can support. Deliver this VALUABLE information to ANY stake holder!


Performance Engineers either learn from Mentors or Mistakes. Gain Expert Experience. Now. Save your valuable time and skyrocket your career. Learn to becomes a Wise performance engineer - in under an hour. How easy is that?! Invest in your career. Gain valuable insight and knowledge which will give you confidence to tackle any performance engineering project.


Analysis Course: $14.99 - Very Limited time only!


Format: 47 Minute Video Course (sit back, relax, and just absorb)

The Analysis of results is the most challenging step of performance engineering. You want these analytical skills. They are the MOST important and HIGHLY sought after. $$$ This course is worth every penny of your investment.


Learn how to analyze the sea of collected data to understand the application's scalability limitations. Isolate Bottlenecks. Deep Dive. I got you, You got this. Let's go.......!!


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Load and Performance Testing Analysis made EASY with METHODICAL  approaches!


Say Goodbye to Analysis Paralysis - Can you relate?


  • Analyze load test results to determine current peak capacity by using Front End KPI's (response times and throughput)
  • Analyze back end KPI's (monitored metrics) to isolate resource that is limiting scalability
  • Identify the right type of Data for precise load test Analysis
  • Identify Relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) correlating to Workload
  • Use KPI's to illustrate the Entire performance Story, End to End
  • Using "Goldmine" KPI’s to Detect and Alleviate Bottlenecks
  • The Magic number of 3: Stop wasting your valuable time!
  • Creative KPI's - Get Creative and Dig Deep - it's fun!
  • How to Differentiate between the Root Cause Bottlenecks of Scalability Limitations from Cascading Saturation Symptoms
  • Create targeted workloads for Easier Analysis
  • The Law of Plateaus reveals bottlenecs - it's so Easy!
  • Stop Crying Wolf and Chasing Red Herrings (Lol)
  • Granularity gives Clarity - It really does!
  • Getting an application to scale to Highest Workload
  • Deliver Actionable Results to All Stakeholders


This course took 300 hours to create, organize and deliver - the content is all from real world performance engineering experience. Over 16 years of performance and load testing in virtually every vertical.


Trust me, successful performance and load testing projects stem directly from the level of the performance engineer's anlysis skillsets - and not the load tool.


Become a WISE Performance Engineer. Now. Save your valuable time. Work Smarter, Not Harder.



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